NHS Personal Injury Claims Rise by 20%

Statistics show that there has been a sharp increase in personal injury claims in the last 12 months. A contributory factor to the increase is believed to be the succession of recent hospital scandals.

Official figures show that NHS personal injury compensation claims have risen by some 20%, and by a massive 80% since 2008.

Recent scandals that have highlighted NHS negligence, such as the Mid Staffordshire Hospital Foundation Trust, have resulted in more people being aware of the possibility of compensation. People are now more likely to pursue compensation claims if they’ve received sub-standard care, as chief executive of the Patients Association, Katherine Murphy, explained.

Ms. Murphy believes that the public is now “far less tolerant” of “appalling failings” when it comes to their care. She added that, in most cases, people were just looking for an explanation with regards to their treatment, and for changes that would benefit others in the future. Legal action was only taken by most as a last resort.

Asons Executive Thomas Fairclough’s statement pointed at efforts to save money, because of NHS cuts. Mr. Fairclough said that NHS staff were consequently being put in the position of trying to do “more with less.” As a result, medical judgments would sometimes be “rushed”, and mistakes would follow.

When a person has suffered a personal injury, then they should make sure that they seek legal advice without delay. If they do take action it will help to prevent a similar situation happening again, and be beneficial for others in terms of avoiding injury or future negligence.

Here at Claim Advance we specialise in personal injury claims, including whether you suffer an injury through a trip, slip or fall, are injured in a road traffic accident or an accident at work.

A personal injury may not just affect you short term, but it can turn out to be life changing. An injury can have a devastating effect on you and all your family and can also be worrying financially if you are unable to work. But if the injury wasn’t your fault then you can seek personal injury compensation.

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