Hospitals Reveal Over 750 Cases of ‘Should Never Happen’ Incidents

‘Should never happen’ incidents or ‘never events’ is the term coined for incidents taken place in hospitals that are so serious they should never have happened. Research carried out has revealed over 750 cases of ‘never events’ in our UK hospitals over the past four years.

NHS England have categorised 25 incidents they believe should never happen if all the correct regulations and recommendations are followed. Out of the 762 cases found, the majority of them fell into four main categories:

• 322 cases of ‘retained foreign object post operation’ – situations were objects were left inside patients during an operation
• 214 cases of ‘wrong site surgery’ this is where the wrong body part has been operated on
• 73 cases of ‘misplaced feeding tubes’ – this was commonly where tubes designed for feeding or medication where inserted into patients’ lungs
• 58 cases of ‘wrong implants / prosthesis’ being fitted to patients

Some of these cases are particularly worrying with one patient suffering two consecutive ‘never events’. Her first was when she went into hospital for a routine hysterectomy and a swab was left inside her. When the hospital realised, they operated again to remove the swab only to leave a drain in her abdomen. She was admitted back to hospital several weeks later, suffering from severe abdominal pain. The patient has now been fitted with a colostomy bag and is still in need of further surgery.

Another patient, Donna Bowett, was left with a seven inch pair of forceps inside her after a gall bladder operation.

These incidents are incredibly serious and were life changing events for many people, leaving them unable to work, having a massive impact on their day to day lives. If you or someone you know has ever fallen victim to a ‘should never happen’ event or have suffered due to the incompetency of a hospital then be sure to get in touch with the team here at Claim Advance, you may have a strong personal injury claim and may well be able to claim compensation money for your situation.

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