How to Prevent Accidents at Work

It’s a common fact that accidents happen, and whilst there will always be the odd mishap, you can avoid larger accidents by simply putting in place a few steps; something that as a business owner should be a priority of yours. Understanding exactly why an accident happens is the first step to prevention, but there are many things that you could implement to help you with this mission. However, we here at Claim Advance understand that there will still be the unavoidable accident, and it’s at those times that you may need our accident at work solicitors.

To make your workplace safer and to help prevent any potentially dangerous accidents, there are 3 simple elements for you to bear in mind:

1.    Management System- Put someone in charge of accidents at work; this can be a whole team of people who will then be responsible for all planning, training and monitoring or any mishaps that occur.
2.    Risk Assessments- Theses are hugely important for any business, as they provide you with the time and information of where there are hazards, what the risks are and who might be harmed during these; it’s important that you record any of these findings for the future.
3.    Know the Law- Whilst there are all sorts of legalities that you need to comply with as a business owner, areas of health and safety are vital to the safety of your work force, so it’s of a huge importance that you read up and are aware of the Health and Safety Act.

Furthermore, whilst conditions can be dangerous and it’s your responsibility to ensure these are always kept safe and sound, sometimes unsafe acts can be more dangerous (we’ve all been witness to an over confident worker trying something they shouldn’t on a piece of machinery). It is with this in mind that you should try where you can to keep an eye on the behaviour of your staff too.

Preventing accidents is a cost effective and simple thing to do, however if you don’t do enough and still need the help of a team of accident at work solicitors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Claim Advance.


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