What’s Involved in a Whiplash Settlement?

The word whiplash conjures up visions of severe injuries of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, it has become a word used very frequently nowadays, since the number of whiplash injuries has been rising steadily over the years. A whiplash is an injury to the neck and the adjoining areas, such as the shoulders and the back, caused by a traffic accident. In the past, only the injuries caused by a vehicle being hit from behind were considered as whiplash, but now any soft tissue injury resulting from a vehicle accident is considered to be a whiplash.

A whiplash settlement may involve monetary compensation, based upon the extent of the injury suffered. Personal injury claims for whiplash should be entered into after taking a few factors into consideration.

Extent of Injury

The amount of pain you are in and the severity of your injury will determine the amount of your compensation. The settlement amounts may vary from £1,000 to £10,000; the average lying somewhere in the middle of £2,000 to £5,000. These are known as general damages, and they are the settlement for the pain and the suffering you are going through.

Amenity Losses

Lack of mobility and the inability to go through your regular activities adds to the compensation amounts that you may receive. If you are not able to drive or take part in the sports you generally take part in, your settlement amounts from the insurance company may rise to some extent. However, short-term lack of mobility is generally not considered for additional compensation.

Expenses and Monetary Losses

These can also form a part of the settlement, especially if you have had to incur large expenses for private medical treatment, or if you have been deprived of any bonuses that you may have received if you had been fit to work.

Process for Filling in a Whiplash Claim

You must have papers, witnesses and photos to substantiate your claim to prove that the injuries were not your fault. Medical reports are of paramount importance, and so are police reports. Receipts of all the expenses incurred should be a part of any personal whiplash injury claim. Get a good personal injury solicitor to file your claim, as they will have the expertise and the experience to file it correctly and get you a satisfying settlement.

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